About Magnet

As world's powerest magnet, Neodymium magnet(Nd magnet, Neo magnet) full name is:
Neodymium-Iron-Boron magnet(Ndfeb).

1) Neodymium Magnet's shape:

2) Neodymium magnet's max Woring tempreture:

N-grade: 80 ℃ Here 80 ℃ is max working tempreture.
M-grade: 100 ℃ Exactly in this max working tempreture, magnet's pull force already discount
H-grade:: 120 ℃
SH-grade: 150 ℃
UH-grade: 180 ℃
EH-grade: 200 ℃
AH-grade 220 ℃

3) Neodymium magnet Magnetised dierection:

Axially magnetised and radially magnetised Disc magnet

Axially magnetised and radially magnetised Ring magnet


Block magnet magnetised direction

Tile magnet/segment magnet Magnetised direction

Some picture of Multi-pole magnetised: